Giving back.


Aren’t they cute? I am so in love with my first 4 herb plants that I bought through Carousell. Hehe.  
I have so many goals in life,both small and big ones. One of them is to give back to Earth. I am no Green enthusiast. In fact, I admit to contributing to the destruction of Mother Earth. Wasting water during my morning showers, leaving the electricity running unnecessarily etc etc. So one of my goals is to take care of plants as a way of giving back to Earth. There are so many benefits of having trees and plants around you. Besides calming the mind, they produce oxygen in daylight and keeps the temperature cool. Trees give you shade,guys:) I decided to get Parsley,Curry,Rosemary and Thyme plants because they are my favourite herbs:) 

I hope I can keep them alive and healthy! If all goes well, I might just get a few more plants! 

Giving back gives me a sense of belonging and purpose. It fills up the empty spaces in my heart. So another goal of mine was to volunteer. Volunteer for anything as long as it helps people and animals. I applied for a volunteering job as a Child Minder at Beyond Social Services. Yesterday was my first ever time as a Child Minder. After 3 years, I finally did it. Finally took the first step to give back to the community. To stand for my beliefs, Education. To start early. To make sure every kid can read and understand what’s written. So as a child minder, i was tasked to engage with children through drawings,books and picture puzzles. I’m going to continue volunteering as a Child Minder for a few more times,and when I’m ready,I’m going to step up and be a Volunteer Reader. I’ve always enjoyed reading to Lower Primary kids when I was a librarian in Primary School. I love to see how happy they are when stories are told to them. 

I’m so thankful.