Back to square 1.

Fi’s,Mine & Wi’s.

These are mine 😀

Totally in love with that Egg yolk volume thing but i can’t even climb up!

Yesterday was a productive day for me. Went climbing with Fi & Wi at Onsight Climbing Gym at Mountbatten. I had such a heavy breakfast at McD’s before climbing. BAD CHOICE. I felt like a ball of fats trying to stick on the wall. Total failure 😦 

A few months of not climbing and my body feels this useless already. When can I ever start climbing routinely?? Never know when. Work first,I guess! 

We bouldered for 1 hour-ish and tried to do high wall after a short break. The lactic acid build up in my forearms were so bad by the second high wall route. Gave up 3/4 way up. Still feel like a failure now. Reminded me of how much I hate to give up.