“2nd” Raya visiting!

I really love this Jalabiya from India(It says Made in India). I bought it 2 years ago and I’m still finding another one that is as nice as this. 

That’s Cloud.

With Nenek!

Azyan looks so gorgeous,as always.

That’s Cik Ina with her youngest daughter,Azyrynn.

Kak Intan who I treat as my Godmother:) So glad to finally meet her!!

Akid & Ilah all grown up!

Angah shared with me about her experiences in Dubai. I really hope I get to travel there one day.

Group photo!!


The biggest organ of the human body:SKIN

Mom finally talked to me and Sis about her skin problems. Unlike me, both my Sister and Mom have dry and fair skin. I don’t see it as much of a problem comparing to my skin type,which is combination to oily. So Mom asked us about products that will help moisturise her dry and tired skin. Also, she wants to lighten her dark circles. I let my Sister do the talking since she knows best.

The whole family went for a skin product hunt at Jurong Point after a really heavy dinner at Manhattan Fish Market. Sister was so excited about introducing the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask to Mom and Dad. Dad has dry and dull skin too except he’s not fair. Tanned like me. Really tanned. Outdoors people,pfft.
When we reached home, Dad told me that Mom sometimes don’t remove her make-up and just sleep. I was shocked because her skin is flawless to me! Flawless enough! I can’t remember the last time I see a single breakout on her face.She have awesome genes, I tell ya. My Sister got her awesome genes and I have shitty oily/acne-prone/sensitive  a.k.a many kachings out the pocket type of skin. So i took my favourite make-up remover wipes(Simple Sensitive Skin facial wipes)and showed it to her. I kinda nagged about how unhygienic she is for sleeping with make-up on(secretly wishing i can do so without having breakouts the next morning). I told her to wipe her make-up off that very instant and she was so amazed by the wipes. Her reaction was so adorable. “Adik,buy for me okay. So easy!”.
I bought 2 packets of Simple sensitive skin facial wipes and Neutrogena sunscreen lotion for my body from Watsons. I felt like I changed Mom’s life into a better one. LOL. I told Dad to always put on sunscreen because he’s always riding. Always under the hot sun. Sunscreen is a must for everyone, even if you spend most of the time indoors, no sun light doesn’t mean no harmful UV rays, people! UV rays exists even at night. Don’t be fooled. I get quite annoyed when people tell me, “Fiza, it’s cloudy,don’t need to put on sunscreen laah”. DUUUUDE.
Some pictures to end this post :]

Mom’s funny face hahaha


A little Wefie while waiting for Sister to fetch us


“Adik don’t take picture,my skin very shiny now”. I still will hehe. And it’s not shiny.