GB Art Day Out!

Spent my Saturday with my friends. Had such a great time with them. From watching Finding Dory in the cinema to playing around in Decathlon and discovering art pieces @ Gillman Barracks Art Day Out. 

Decathlon was like a playground for all of us because we are all outdoorsy people. We love things that are fun and convenient for our random outdoor picnics and camps. My favourite section was the skipping rope section. I have no idea why. I don’t skip often. I just got very attracted to the skipping ropes there. They even sell Capteh?! We bought one and played along the alley of Baboo Rd. A fun work out somewhere in Little India 🙂 

Then, I followed Harris & Aisyah to Gillman Barracks for the Art Day Out festival. I love their freebie totebag! Absolutely in love with the place. I was so happy to be around art. All kinds of Art:) 

Here are some pictures!