Something is better than nothing.

20 minutes cycling machine (Chose the random hills option) Works like intervals!

20 minutes of hills intervals on the treadmill. Below is what I referred to but I guessed the elevation is too easy for me. I multiplied them by 2 (E.g Elevation 4 becomes 8, elevation 6 becomes 12). 0 becomes 2 eventhough 0 x 2 = 0. But…0 is too easy.

Managed to feel the burn in my thighs!

Next, I did 4 sets of 1 minute elbow planks.

& 4 sets of 30 secs(per leg) of single leg hip raises. The other leg is straighttt up pointing to the ceiling! Burrrrrn hamstrings and glutes buuuurrrrrn.

That’s it!