So much happened and none are recorded in this blog of mine (simply because I forgot about its existence).

Well, hello there stranger. I’m back.

This post is not going to be the typical catch-up-with-my-life post. Don’t worry, I don’t have the intention to hang my dirty (or clean) laundry here. Well,not much.

This is just a hopeful/positive post for me to mayyyybe just share about the work outs I do (randomly?) Or just about anything.

My old post about the 4 new herbs I bought with good intentions? They’re all dead because I didn’t do enough research and they were too exposed to direct sunlight. I’m dumb. I should not give up. Maybe I’ll get an easier plant to start on.


Oh. I sprained my right thumb during bubble soccer. Went to TCM (Traditiomal Chinese Medicine?) to treat it. Acupuncture and some traditional medicine for my weak “chi”.

“Chi” means “Inner strength”.

Less carbonated drinks.

Less cold drinks.

Less cold food.

More exercise.

Yes. More exercise!!!!

Okay that’s all. Bye.


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