Meat is life.

A late post but a post that I must share. Time was on our side a few days back so all of us ladies could meet up for teh sarbat! I was so happy to be around them that night, just felt very emotional about friendships nowadays. 

Noi and Liy were discussing about going Vegan/Vegetarian/Pescetarian. It’s for health, according to them. I only have a few vegetarian friends. Noi told us about her friend who was a Pescetarian and now,a Vegan. I was confused with all these diet terms. I think I looked stupid trying to even pronounce Pescetarian. Noi had a good laugh at me(she always does). 

Liy’s colleague is a vegetarian and he has naturally blushed cheeks and clear skin. They were into this topic and I just imagined life without Pepperoni pizza and chicken. I can’t. Straight out,”No pepperoni?! How can someone even eat vegetarian pizza???”. I love veggie,but i need ma meat!  

This is why my skin is so problematic. I go je on food. Sinful food. 

Maybe I should try eating more fish and veggies; Avoid dairy and cut down on spicy food? NAH. 

Spice is life.